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About Jen 

Jen Iamele Savage wears many different hats---as a transformational empowerment coach and a secondary Montessori educator, she focuses on helping her clients and students work through life’s transitions and empowers them to align with their truth.  She has always had a ‘thing’ for the messy middle--the liminal, gray space in all its real, raw awkwardness. It is this passion that has led her to work with people in transition--adolescents, new moms, and those on the verge of a breakthrough. Jen is always working on her next project. She co runs Mastermind Mamas, a mastermind group designed with the busy mama in mind, leads an amazingly passionate group of essential oil advocates called Inspiration Droppers, hosts live and virtual Sacred Bliss Women’s Circles, and just self published her first book, The Language of Transformation. Perhaps the most transformative hat that Jen wears is that of mom.  Her children teach her more everyday about what really matters in life. When she’s not coaching, teaching, or writing, Jen can be found spending time with her husband, her family, and her friends. She enjoys running, doing yoga, traveling, reading, and spending time at the beach.

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Thoughts from past clients


Cassie - Boston, MA

It’s crazy to me, when I think about how we’ve been working together for THREE YEARS now. I decided to meet with you on a whim, not sure what to expect from a “life coach”. After our first Skype session, I knew you were someone special and that this would be a special journey. I remember our first session – I was nervous and scared about some big life changes, and you made me feel so safe and supported. I remember how warm, kind, and genuine you were (even through a computer screen). Then, you sent your follow up email with the most insightful reflections from our discussion, with helpful recommendations and actions to take as I started a new life adventure. Over the years, as we’ve continued our coaching sessions, I’ve truly appreciated your friendship, guidance, and support. My only regret is I wished I’d met you sooner! Thank you for everything!


Mary - Atlanta, GA

I really appreciate all of the help you have given me in a professional capacity.  You have been especially good at saying what I've always needed to hear and made me feel like it's okay that things didn't work out the way I hoped and encouraged me to keep searching until I find what makes me happy.  Please know that I may have gotten to where I am now eventually, but it wouldn't have happened as smoothly or as quickly without your guidance and support.


Kristie - Charleston, SC

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have worked with you. During the year that we worked together, I experienced many personal issues and unfortunate events in my life, and I had really hit a low point.  I could not have gotten through it without you. Not only did you give me the resources to read, you guided me to explore my inner self with journaling, meditating, and taking care of my soul. Not only did I learn so much professionally, you have helped me grow personally. You have a way of always seeing the big picture and was able to help me put things in perspective. You have an inspiring way of motivating people to achieve their goals. My soul is more centered having known you.  Thank you for your helping me get into a healthier mind, body, and spirit.


Shannon - Charlotte, NC

I am so blessed to have met you at such a pivotal point in my life. Throughout everything you have remained remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate, yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I need to take. One of my favorite things about you is how you always make me feel heard (and never once judged). It is amazing to me how you have helped me to cut through my own mess to be able to really put things into perspective. Your support and friendship continues to mean so much to me and I just feel so grateful for you. Thank you for everything, Jen!

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