March 16, 2019

Dear Mom Guilt,

I am feeling feisty today--so watch out.  Emily Ley told me in her book Grace Not Perfection that you are a liar, and today I decided to believe her.  And so, like any true break up, I know this will be a process--but it is time for me to say a much overdue goodbye.

No longer will I endure your abuse.  No longer will I tolerate your gaslighting and manipulations.  No longer will I let you activate old stories and patterns.

Get out of...

 Photo Credit: Josie Strong Photography 

This month my Mastermind Mamas and I are reading Elizabeth Lesser’s Marrow and the book has had so many profound takeaways for me.  Lesser uses her experience with being a donor for her sister’s bone marrow transplant as a way to raise bigger questions about what it means to be part of this human journey called life and how to show up authentically. She talks about putting your soul in charge of your life and how...

February 3, 2018

Also featured on Red Tricycle

Dear Mama,

Happy 2018! A new year is upon us and I have an important question for you: Is this year finally going to be the year? The year that you shatter the ceiling on self imposed limitations? The year that you get honest about what you want—starting by being honest with yourself.

The year that you heal all the way through instead of shoving those feelings down?...

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