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Not This!

Elizabeth Gilbert had this awesome post that was shared around Facebook a few months ago…and it resonated with me then, and it really resonates with me now. She talks about how sometimes in life we end up in a place we don’t want to be. And we may not even know where we want to be, but we know that it is NOT THIS. And that courageous and important piece of awareness makes all the difference and sets us on the path of finding our bliss. At the beginning of this summer, when I started being more active on this blog, I said that I was going to use this summer to reflect and integrate and feel and be. Then the 30 days of ease came along and all of those practices got me into such a nice rhythm and flow. And in addition to that I have been taking the Sacred Circle course and tuning into the Unconventional Women Living Their Life with Purpose group and all of this has created an important sense of awareness in me that what I want is NOT THIS as it relates specifically to my career. I want to feel more and be more in alignment in work…and I think maybe an aspect of that translates to life. I don’t want to play by the conventional rules or take the safe road. I have made some unconventional moves that have been out of my comfort zone and that is when I have felt the most alive. When I follow my inspiration, that is when I find my bliss…and that’s the new name of my coaching practice, and it just feels so right. And I am ready to let go of the resistance. I think last post I was coming from a place of fear, and I am ready to let all of that go. I believe that I have a lot to offer the world and I believe that all along my life purpose has been to coach others and help them work through life’s transitions and see experiences as adventures and opportunities. I believe that I have always been seeking that experience through all of my teaching containers and none of them have felt just right. And I don’t know exactly what right will be or what my life with look like or what my timeline will be, but I know that I am going to start taking action steps toward figuring all of that out. So for now I can just honestly and openly acknowledge out loud that I am searching for something and it is NOT THIS!

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