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An Anniversary

Today I am celebrating an anniversary. It is not my birthday; it is not my wedding anniversary. Not the day I became a mom. This is the anniversary of the day when I started my journey back to wholeness—a journey of reclaiming who I am.

I was talking to some friends last night about starting a blog and not knowing where to begin, and it brought me right back–to a time and space when I had the same resistances. To offer them moral support, I went back in and found the very post where I finally took the leap. And, synchronistically (is that a word? Ya–I make up words now– Because I am a WRITER now after all) but anyways, when I wrote that blog post it was exactly a year ago TODAY.

Here is an excerpt

“I read a quote the other day that said “May you be stronger than your excuses” and so that is what I intend to do. Tonight I don’t care how silly or grammatically incorrect or rambly this post sounds, I am committed to doing it…because I see it as a chance for me to reclaim my voice and feel empowered. I see it as a tangible way to show my transformation; to find my alignment; If anyone else reads this, I want them to know that they have a space here with me where they belong and where they will not be judged.”

(Full post here

And so today I am celebrating that brave 2016 version of myself who had the audacity to “come out” and finally take steps toward living her passion and sharing her gifts.

It is the end of the month, and I like to close out my months with some sort of ritual. Lately my ritual of choice has been a gratitude letter to myself. These can be really profound. Too often we focus on the 5 things we didn’t accomplish on our to do list instead of the 25 things we crushed. A gratitude letter is just a nice way to shift the perspective.

So in honor of the anniversary of the first steps of reclaiming my voice and stepping into my power–since that fateful May 30, 2016 here is a list of some things that I have accomplished:

  1. Was bold enough to contact my favorite local publication and started writing for them regularly

  2. Published 3 blog posts and 1 poem

  3. Revamped my coaching practice, taken on new clients, and created group programs.

  4. Revamped my coaching website.

  5. Got intentional about network marketing and building a strong team that brings feminine energy and inspiration to people beyond the benefits of the products we share and educate about.

  6. Started a life giving project that holds space for mamas to practice self care and reclaim their power as well.

  7. Formed new friendships and connections, joined multiple groups, and recommitted to CAN-I (constant and never-ending improvement)

  8. Taken many risks

  9. Written a manuscript for a novel

  10. Navigated the trauma of a miscarriage and joined a support group

  11. Fallen many times…but gotten up even more

  12. Created a successful (I believe) Montessori middle school program

  13. Helped my students discover their voice, submit their work to poetry contests, and honored them when they won.

  14. Rewritten my money story and helped others do the same–including my students who have engaged in an entrepreneurship course that I co-created an participated in a shark tank where donors invest in their dreams.

  15. Been a good friend and a good listener.

  16. Cultivated a mindfulness practice that I invite my daughter into which includes yoga and an appreciation for nature.

  17. Been kinder to myself.

  18. Felt into abundance & gratitude for even the smallest act of kindness or penny on the street.

  19. Started creating FB live videos (they’re not that scary after all)

  20. Let myself cry more

  21. Called myself a writer.

  22. Been gentler with myself and allowed myself to be imperfectly human

  23. Been more vulnerable–honest, raw, and real

  24. Embraced life and all its messy beauty

Since the day I wrote that post, life has been good to me, and it all started there–with me having courage–leaping and letting the net appear. It’s all still a journey, and most days, I am enjoying the ride. But today I am stopping to celebrate and invite you to do the same<3

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