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To My Fellow Teacher Tribe on the First Week of Summer

To My Fellow Teacher Tribe on The First Week of Summer,

Relax. You made it. Another year is in the books.

I know it hasn’t hit you yet.

I know you’re still feeling like you need to be in crisis mode--running around, worrying about details. Parent emails. Report cards. Test scores. Putting out fires. Having 20 minutes to eat--on a good day. Holding it when you have to pee. Putting others first all. day. long.

I know that you love your job. Your students. Your on campus tribe. And you have seen so much progress this year--in ways you didn’t expect to. Your students. YourSELF.

And I know there are some stories that haunt you. The student who was uprooted. The one who doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from. Or the situation that you wish that you handled differently.

And I know you will be anxious to jump to the next thing. Your summer job. Loading up the calendar with activities for your own children. Planning for next school year (cringe).

But I want to give you permission to remember.

Remember to breath.

Remember to relax.

Remember to let go.

Remember to reconnect.

Remember to disconnect.

Remember that you’re only human.

Remember that this break is a necessary part of your job.

Remember that self care matters.

Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Take some time to do a reflection or closure activity. Journal. Meditate. Do yoga. Get that extra scoop of ice cream. Take a longer lunch. Join that gym you thought about joining. Diffuse those essential oils (I recommend Young Living’s Stress Away blend). Go to the beach. Read a good book. Treat and nourish yourself.

Even if you are working this summer and even if you have a zillion things to do. Pause. Savor. The next school year will be here before you know it, and if you blink, you will miss summer.

Take some time for YOU.

Before you rush to the next activity or job, find a way to invite the calm.

Because when we don’t remember to remember, we forget.

Lots of love and peace this summer!


I’m right there with you!

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