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Empowered Women Empower Women

Featured on Red Tricycle

Empowered women empower women. I recently heard that quote, and it couldn’t have inspired me more.

Everywhere you look women are waking up to their purposes and making conscious decisions to live with passion. The term mamapreneur is on the rise, and women are finding that they can say yes to their dreams of being a mom and to deeply soul-calling work AT THE SAME TIME. They can rewrite their stories of being “just a mom” or working for someone else and instead be a boss–both at home and in their side hustle. They can find their passion, discover their voice, and do so much good on their path.

Everywhere I look my friends are monetizing their passion. Listening to inspiring podcasts. Making decisions that are going to enable their financial freedom and serve as a model for their daughters (and sons). I have friends who are writing children’s books and those who are making jewelry. I have friends coaching other friends and sharing their gifts of guidance and wisdom. I have friends who are writing inspiring blog posts and sharing their voice with the world.

Network marketing, which has previously gotten a bad rap–even with me, has been a catalyst for a lot of women to say yes to a career as a mamapreneur in a safe and comfortable way. And everything is about perspective. I believe that it is truly an inspiring time to be alive. I said that to a friend recently and she responded, “wow in recent times you’re one of the only people who I have heard say that. Everyone has been doom and gloom since the election”. I am not saying the world is perfect, and I am not saying there aren’t obstacles, but what I am saying is it is all about perspective.

And most importantly I am saying, I see you sister friends. I don’t get upset when I see you in my newsfeed with your Lularoe and Rowen Fields. Or Stella & Dot. Or Young Living or Arbonne. Juice Plus. Beauty Counter. Or so many other containers for your personal and financial freedom. Those products have been serving as catalysts for you to promote your own personal mission of creating abundance, rewriting your money story, and sharing something you believe in. And I am here to say– I see you mamapreneurs on the rise. I see you choosing both. Saying yes. Waking up. Feeling all the feels. Putting yourself out there. Being bold and confident and inspired. Valuing your worth. And I like what I see. Rock on mamapreneurs, soulapreneurs, and everyone in between. For those of you bold enough to say yes, I am being bold enough to say high freakin five. I support you. I salute you.

And for those of you reading this–remember empowered women empower women. Even if your friend doesn’t sell a product you like or even if she is blowing up your newsfeed with self promotion, acknowledge the excitement with her in her quest for self betterment and financial freedom. Acknowledge the fact that she is ready to say no to what doesn’t serve her and say yes to her wildest dream and utmost potential. It is an exciting time to be alive, and it is all about perspective and choice. There is way too much mom shaming and judgment and mean girl syndrome in this world. Instead, let’s rise up together and empower each other. Empowered women empower women—how are you choosing to empower your sisters and, by proxy, yourself today?

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