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The Courage to Create...BIG MAGIC

It is funny how you can dance around the things that call to your soul and live on the sidelines of your own life. I have taught English for over a decade--encouraging others to take leaps using their creative voice. All the while, I was stuck in the shadows of my own desire to do the same thing.

I think my passion for writing resurfaced during Montessori training where I was asked to act as a student and do some writing. Sure I had been journaling all along and had written my fair share of essays being an English major and having a Master's degree, but it had been a while since I was invited to write to explore. This experience helped reawaken a latent passion I had to write.

A few months after returning from training, it is no surprise that Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way really called to me, and it reminded me of a book that I had read years before by Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write. Serendipitously this book was given to me by my uncle Lino who was one of the most creative souls that I ever knew. He gave it to me when I was just a teenager because even then I used to say that I "wanted to be a writer". When my Uncle Lino passed, I got the urge to read The Artist's Way. There are no coincidences.

Last summer a local publication I love was looking for local writers and I decided to finally take a leap. An acquaintance of mine told me that once we do the things we are resisting, it opens a lifeline, and that is absolutely what happened. Being published gave me a sense of pride and writing again gave me a sense of self back...since that day over a year ago I have been unapologetic about my writing and sharing with publications. Not all of these experiences have been "successes" and I have definitely collected my fair share of rejections, but it feels good to be DOING it. And starting somewhere.

So then I was encouraged by so many people to read Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic. I was resistant at first. I wasn't overly impressed with Eat, Pray, Love--while I loved the concept, I think the hype turned me off (I may have to go back and re-read now; however, because I do have a new level of respect for Gilbert and I am in a completely different place now than when I read the book years ago). Since my best friend since I was 5 and another one of my soul sisters in my mama tribe both recommended the read to me, I figured the sources were credible, and It was time to give it a shot. And I fell in love with so much of what Gilbert was saying.

She talks about the paradoxes that the creative life holds. How we need not take the work too seriously in the process or be too attached to the product. That creation is part of our divine right and all speaks to the process of trust. She talks about transforming our relationship with fear and making peace with our ego. So many of the things I have started to discover in my own journey...and so much more.

I am so excited to announce that my mastermind mama friend and soul sister Jackie Garnett, of Jackie Garnett Fitness ( and I will be cohosting a virtual journey that includes a book club with a twist using Big Magic as our anchor text.

Throughout this 4 week journey, we will provide a safe space to share ideas and nurture any creations that you have brewing in your heart. We will be reading Big Magic alongside you and providing exercises and assignments to coach you along the way. We will also be practicing vulnerable leadership and growing and expanding and taking risks right there with you.

I am excited to share this journey with anyone who wants to join us starting September 5th. The cost is $60 but if you share this offer with a soul sister (or brother) who you think may be interested, the two of you will be entered into a drawing for FREE participation.

What will your journey to have the COURAGE TO CREATE look like? Are you ready to deep dive with us? <3

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