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Flu Day Reflections

I sit here with my puppy curled up on me. My sweet, sick 3 year old sleeping on me--when was the last time she did that? And the kicks of my unborn son inside of me. In the coming months, life will change. I have no way of knowing what life with 2 will be like--until he arrives. And so for now I am savoring this special moment. Somehow, in her last year as an only child, I have been gifted so much bonus time with my first baby. The girl who made me a mother. The time has been gifted in our first summer completely together as I didn’t work and she didn’t attend daycare. The time has been gifted in hurricane days and snow days ...and now sick days. Time is our most precious gift, and I am grateful for the way I have gotten to unexpectedly spend mine.

(Notes: I wanted to capture the moment but didn't have a phone nearby so I created a video on my computer and then took a picture of the video and filtered it---I'm sure there is a much more efficient way but Grace Not Perfection. I also made M a promise I wouldn't post about her on social media and feel a little guilty about posting here in a public blog but I wanted to record this moment and feelings).

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