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Happy 2018 Mama: This is YOUR Year

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Dear Mama,

Happy 2018! A new year is upon us and I have an important question for you: Is this year finally going to be the year? The year that you shatter the ceiling on self imposed limitations? The year that you get honest about what you want—starting by being honest with yourself.

The year that you heal all the way through instead of shoving those feelings down? The year that you stop making excuses. The year that you stop letting fear win. The year that you get honest and raw and real.

The year that you invest in yourself.

The year that you get quiet enough to listen to your own wants and needs. The year that you will use your feminine energy to receive and your feminine wisdom to know.

Stop telling yourself that you’re not ready. You created a human for God’s sake. And were you ready then? Could you have possibly known what was going to be on the other side of your fear and resistance to childbirth? And motherhood?

And let’s be honest, are we ever ready for anything?

Is it all easy in motherhood? I know that seems like a rhetorical question—and recognizing your dreams will be the same way.

But is it worth it in motherhood?

If you don’t follow your dreams, what message are you giving to your daughters? Their dreams don’t matter. If you don’t follow your dreams, what message are you giving to your sons? Our dreams don’t matter.

And stop telling yourself you’re not good enough. You are worthy beyond measure and you are the only expert of your own journey.

What will your life look like this time next year if you don’t follow your dreams and listen to your heart? How about five years from now? And what will it look like if you do?

Is that what really scares you?

So it’s time to get quiet. And real. And raw. And honest.

It’s time to say out loud what you want and need. It’s time to ask for support and fully receive it.

It’s time.

(Photo credit: Becca Matimba)

Here is your permission slip if you need one.

Fill that well. Do the things. The things that light you up. The things that you lose yourself in—and then find yourself in. The things that make you whole and complete and ultimately a better mama for your babies and a better person for your people.

A rising tide raises all ships—and the time to raise your tide is upon you.

Explore. Discover. Rediscover. Redefine. Make mistakes. Get dirty (okay that was totally a Sandlot reference) Fail. Learn. Grow. Be fully present and alive.

The American poet Mary Oliver asks us, “So tell me what is it that you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?”

So what is it?

Mamas you are being called to something greater—and the only thing that is holding you back is yourself.

So let me ask you again: is this year finally going to be the year—your year?

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