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Passion, Consciousness, and Empowerment: The Birth of the Inspiration Droppers

An Open Letter about Our Network Marketing Tribe

Our team was born in random but synchronistic succession as most exciting partnerships are formed. We are all very unique and do this business a little bit differently so we wanted to give you some insight and ideas. Feel free to save this as a reference about who to go to for what and ways you can connect with us.

Jen Iamele Savage

I got into the oils as a new mom who was struggling emotionally and who needed to support my then 10 month old’s wellness as well. I joined a nanny share where they were using oils and quickly fell in love. A few months later when I was spending more than I expected to and not making smart financial decisions, my enroller approached me and explained how I could get my Thank You check from Young Living and free oils by joining ER. I decided to take it one step further and join the business as well--it was the perfect companion to my then dormant coaching practice that I had inspiredly started 3 years before. Joining the business allowed me to rediscover my passion for coaching and helping others and holding space for their own transformation. I started hosting local classes with my enroller which helped me interact with the real world again. Motherhood had given me SO much and yet there was a fog and loss of sense of self. Joining the business and hosting classes gave me a renewed sense of purpose amid the fog of motherhood. I was inspired by all the interaction, that I got back into my own wellness journey and practice. But that is a whole nother story for another time. Check out www.inspirationandbliss,com or my Facebook page to hear about my story, my coaching, and order oils from me.

Sarah Dannals

Hello All! I am Sarah, a stay at home mom of three little ones. I began searching for an alternative for my severe allergy and sinus issues as well as anxiety. I was also just looking for healthier alternatives for my family. Since I became a mom I have been very conscientious of what products I am using on and around my children, the foods we are ingesting and just the overall health and wellness of my family. I had just moved back home to Cleveland, Ohio from SC. I saw a post by Jen about essential oils, so I immediately messaged her. She sent me some information. I had just been researching oils on Amazon, and was about to buy a starter kit. I am soooo glad that I didn't purchase that kit. The same day I purchased my starter kit from Jen, and Young Living, I also joined ER and the business. In the 2.5 years since I have been using YL the oils have changed our lives. I have also switched out almost all of our cleaning and household products. I have been able to battle my anxiety without the use of prescription meds. I am still amazed by the power of these oils. My sinus infections have decreased tremendously and I combatted them with oils-- and not antibiotics. I joined the business for numerous reasons, but I love that I get to do this business with two of my best friends, and continue to meet amazing woman. I love sharing my oils with friends and family, and empowering other families to think about healthier alternatives for themselves and family. I am truly passionate about Young Living and the products they offer. Becoming a part of this team has been life changing and I am grateful everyday for each and every one of you.

Tiffany Reid

My journey started with essential oils through the advice of some like minded Mamas. I was intrigued with testimonies about the many ways essential oils were helping with their families' health and well being. The moment I dug into my starter kit, I instantly fell in love and that's where my passion for Young Living began. At the time, I did not know that Essential oils have a much higher frequency than humans do. I only knew I could feel power in those tiny bottles and I wanted to learn as much about them as I could. As my knowledge expanded, I wanted to get as many oils as I could so I enrolled in Essential Rewards to keep them coming each month! During this time I was also starting to learn and really understand how harmful MANY of the products I was using were to our health. I then began to crave knowledge on which products I should get rid of in my house as fast as possible. Again, so thankful for the monthly wellness box because I was able to "ditch and switch" very quickly, shoot-1 bottle of thieves household cleaner got rid of 10 bottles of toxic cleaners! I realized that I wanted to start sharing the knowledge I had acquired and began teaching classes and hosting events. Not only was Young Living improving my life physically and emotionally, but by joining the business my friendships thrived and grew, as did my sense of self. I was so blessed to join an incredible tribe of women at the Young Living 2018 Freedom Convention in June. My experience at Convention further cultivated my desire to share the oils. One of the topics that hit home for me was hosting a "Live your Passion rally'. This sparked a vision to host my own rallies and join together people out there who are determined to fulfill their own life's purpose. Check out my website!

One incredible person who was inspired at one of my classes is Valerie "the DIY Queen."

Valerie Salisbury

I was introduced to Young Living just over a year ago at a 101 class I attended with my friend Rebecca. Tiffany was the teacher and explained everything so well, I couldn’t help but get excited! I had been wanting to start an oily journey, but wasn’t sure how, and she made it so easy!! From that moment on I have been hooked!! Then, I discovered how to make my own household, personal care, and pet products and got even more excited (and quite possibly obsessed, lol!). I have now been branded the “DIY queen” and have a recipe for almost anything you could think of or need. I love that I have been able to ditch the old toxic products my family had been using, for all natural ones with simple ingredients - that I make in my own house. The convenience is awesome too - no more trips to the store for soap, shampoo, mouthwash, dog shampoo... - the list goes on and on!! I have held a couple classes where I have taught many people how to make their own products too, and in this I discovered that this is where my passion is: Making products and teaching others how to make the ditch and switch change to a healthier lifestyle. My next adventure is to begin selling my all natural products at local shops and farmers markets - be on the lookout for Palmetto Essentials - I can’t wait!! As always, if you have any questions about Young Living oils and products, or making your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team - we are here for you!

Vicki Iamele

I got into oils in February of 2016--I bought my starter kit to support my daughter Jen and then when I went to visit her in South Carolina, she was co-hosting a class at a holistic center. I was really intrigued by what she and her enroller had to say about the oils and so I went back to Massachusetts and started trying them for myself. Not only did I see results right away, but I started sharing with local friends and realized that I could make a profit off of my new found passion. Since then I combined my love for making jewelry by making diffuser bracelets and sun catchers with the oils business and have set up a sort of oilers club with my friends where we have a different theme every time we get together. Our most popular have been chemical free living and self care. I also started an oils Instagram Account and Facebook page: Oils for the Inner You where I post recipes and videos on how to DIY. Follow me on IG @oilsfortheinner you or on Facebook at

Gray Moore

I have been an entrepreneur since 2009 when I began my pet care business, Dog Tired Pet Services. My oils journey began in 2016 when I was introduced to some women in the pet care industry who were avid oil lovers for their own pet care facilities and taught me about the amazing benefits of Young Living. I heard incredible stories of controlling kennel cough in boarding areas, calming pets with anxiety, and ridding stinky smells in the air, as well as a special Young Living line of oils created just for pets. It sparked such an interest from learning about the benefits of the oils and pets, that I decided I wanted to learn everything there was to know about YL to benefit my own life. I purchased the starter kit, and then another diffuser, and then even another diffuser, which have been multiplied even more between my pet care facility and my home.

As I have gotten older, I have developed extreme sensitive skin allergies and respiratory infections. When I first met my YL mentors in Charleston, they were able to teach me about all of the harmful chemicals in the products I was using, from makeup to candles to laundry soap. I was able to develop my own chemical-free ailment coping regime with essential oils! I HAD NO IDEA of how many toxic products were in my home and were more than likely the root of my allergies! My body was telling me something when my skin was red and my nose was congested. My YL friends inspired and encouraged me to keep trying oils and products, which I am so grateful for. I immediately made the switch to chemical free make up, thieves laundry detergent and household cleaners, along with my diffuser starter kit. My health and my happiness are worth it, as you can’t put a value on those. Since I have switched to chemical free YL products, my skin and allergies have calmed down instantly! READ THE COMPLETE BIO HERE WITH PHOTO!

And those are the founders of our amazing team.

Now we have business lunches, attend inspiring workshops together, share our hearts and souls and passions, and push each other way beyond our comfort zones.

Our team has the motto to live our passion, to put safety first, and to educate our customers because we believe that education leads to empowerment. Those that know better do better, and using Young Living products has provided a way for us to take our and our famiiles’ health and wellness journeys into our own hands. Additionally the business has provided us each with a way to activate our passion and aspects of ourselves that have laid dormant for far too long. We are inspiration droppers because beyond dropping oils on everything, we also drop inspiration by doing good in the world by living our passion.

Thanks for listening to our stories and supporting us in our quest for betterment. As always we are here to support you in living your passion, using the products safely, and empowering you in any way that we can.


The Inspiration Dropper Tribe

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