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Sacred Bliss Women's Circle

Sacred Bliss Women’s Circle came to me in the middle of the night--literally. I have heard about this happening, but didn’t believe it until it happened to me. I woke up in the middle of the night with an urgency. I had to write this down. I had to do this work. This was the answer I had been seeking after months of meditating on what my next steps would be.

While it is has been difficult to articulate, a wise old soul that I ran into (there are no coincidences) reminded me that not being able to describe or articulate is a block.

These blocks keep us small and away from living our truth. I am no stranger to blocks. Like every other human being on the planet, my thoughts keep me from living in the space of my truth and power.

But today I rise (Thank you Maya Angelou for the permission and reminder).

So here it is--in essence--in truth--in all its divine and sacred validity.

The Sacred Bliss Women’s Circle is a space--a circle--a tribe--a soul sisterhood---a place and space to reconnect with who you really are.

In this space you will transform and unfold deeper into yourself.

In this space you will align with the truth of who you really are.

In this space you will belong---to this sacred sisterhood--but most importantly to the truest expression of yourself.

In this space you are empowered. I do not have the answers--you do. I simply provide a space and ideas and tools to help you access YOUR truth.

Remember everything is an answer--if you let it be. You, and you alone, are responsible for the energy you bring, the energy that you feel, and the energy that you are.

In this space you will not be judged--unless if by yourself and your own limiting beliefs. But my aim is to help you see those and empower you to release.

In this space you will find your voice.

In this space you will access your soul.

You will be awakened.

You will transform.

You will release.

You will plant seeds.

You will activate your bliss.

The magic in the Sacred Bliss Women’s Circle is that it gives you back to yourself. It gives you back to who you are. It happens intuitively. It happens subtly--in a way that will ripple out in such a subtly powerful way that you won’t even realize that you have broken the trauma spells that bind you. It gives you back the ammunition you need to plug into your power and be all that you were meant to be.

Like our grandmothers who came before us, you will be able to access your inner healer. There is so much power in the collective energy of the feminine and the divine, and The Sacred Bliss Women’s Circle will help you access that power. Your power.

Every circle will be a little bit different as it responds to your needs. We will have guest speakers and different themes but ultimately you can surrender to the process and understand that nothing gets better until you do. When you heal yourself, you give others around you the greatest gift that you could possibly give--but most importantly, you give yourself the gift of your truth and your essence.

I believe I have now been able to fully articulate the intention behind this sacred container that I have been called to create.

Happy journeying and unfolding seekers. It is YOUR time to blossom.

The magic is about to begin! :)

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