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Soul Purpose Poetry Collection

Photo Credit: Darius Bashur

A Call To Bliss

I know you have felt it

The Inkling

The Call

I know you have ignored it

I can’t

I don’t know how

I am unworthy

I know that it has whispered

I am not listening

It can’t be real

I know that you want to

Maybe a little

A small part of me

I know there is resistance

Is it fear?

Is it doubt?

I know there is anxiety

What if…?

It is all uncertain

I know there is promise

It won’t stop calling

It could be real

I know there is support

Who are my allies?

Who’s on my team?

I know there is excitement

Could I do it?

Embrace the unknown?

I know there is adventure

It is waiting

For you

This is a Call to Bliss

Follow it, and your world will transform

Here and Now

Go ahead, Brave Soul

Come along and journey


There are no rules

There’s only the here and now

There’s only freedom--liberation

Set yourself free

There is no shame

There is no guilt

There are no rules

There’s only the here and now

That is where your true power lies

Come along and journey with me


There are no rules

Set yourself free

Let go of past pain

It doesn’t matter

It is over

Don’t worry about future anxiety

It won’t matter

It hasn’t happened

Open up

Set yourself free

Be broken

Be human

Be love

There are no rules

There’s only the here and now

What Lies Beneath?

What lies beneath the surface?

Is it pain?

Is it shame?

What lies beneath the pain?

Is it blame?

Is it sorrow?

What lies beneath the blame?

Is it mindset?

Is it the past?

What lies beneath your mindset?

Is it nature?

Is it nurture?

What lies beneath your nature?

Is it heartache?

Is it misunderstanding?

What lies beneath the heartache?

Is it disappointment?

Is it abuse?

What lies beneath us all?

Can we be grounded?

Where is the support?

Whatever lies beneath is an answer to your prayers

Find this truth and you will serve your soul

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