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Quarantine Blessings for Hope and Self Care

Can’t go to school!

What do we do?

Should we stay inside and just feel blue?

That doesn’t make sense.

Let’s find the joy--

Being at home with a little girl and a little boy.

We always want more time

And now we kind of have it.

When else are we encouraged to stay home and just sit?

Yes there is sadness.

Yes there is pain.

And sometimes we feel like this is all so insane.

Yes there is worry.

Yes there is doubt.

But one step at a time,

And we just might work it out.

Stay close to your family.

Stay close to your friends.

And keep hope that in time this pandemic ends.

For now-- find the beauty.

For now-- find the grace.

Maybe after this is over

We will remember that life’s not a race.

We don’t have to be busy.

We don’t have to be stressed.

Sad that it takes a big crisis to remind us to rest.

Pray for those who are sick.

Send love to those who have passed.

Envision a future unlike the last.

This time is uncertain

And scary indeed.

We have to be creative to reach out to those in need.

Cards to hospitals

Letters to friends

Smiles at neighbors

Until social distancing ends.

Homeschooling is challenging

Remote work is too

You must create a system that works for you.

Take care of yourself

Remember to be well.

You can make a difference by managing your own care

And lending a supportive and nonjudgmental ear.

Do what you need--or do nothing at all.

Sometimes simple acts are inspiring--no matter how small.

Live with the uncertainty.

Live with the pain.

Breathe through it all--

There is wisdom to gain.

Day by day is easiest

When the magnitude feels so large

And remember that of your own energy, you are in charge.

Hang in there my friend

I wish you the best

And remember I’m here for you

And now it’s time for me to rest.

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