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The Language of Transformation

The language of transformation is common to all of us who have experienced a transformation. Jen Iamele Savage explores the concept that transformation is just a peeling back of all that you have previously accepted as truth-- being you--all of you--and shedding away the layers that don’t fit anymore. True transformation is revolutionary and simple all at once. The magic lies in the contradictions of our lives. Our lives are both simple and complicated. Easy and challenging. Shadow and light. In this book, Jen Iamele Savage gives us a permission slip to access that which is already inside of us. Enlisting help from her 'soul tribe', Iamele Savage explores tales of others' transformations as well as her own to help you access this power within yourself. The tales that you will see here are interwoven in such a way that you will surely feel as though they are speaking directly to you. We only get one opportunity to truly belong to ourselves in this life, and our transformations are a way to seek a truer sense of alignment. As Jen Iamele Savage reminds us, cozy up and enjoy the unfolding--both in this book and in your own heart-centered life.